The 13th Conference on DDEA

The 13th National Conference and the Second International Conference on Decision and Data Envelopment Analysis “DDEA13” on Wednesday and Thursday, October 27 and 28, 2021, hosted by the Iran Data Envelopment Analysis Association (in the national section) and Ayendang Institute of Higher Education (in the international section) with the presence the world’s top professors and researchers were held.

In the international section, there were live presentations from around the world where the best of DEA science shared their latest findings. One of the remarkable points of this conference was the creation of scientific discussions between some of the most famous scientists from more than fifteen countries in the world, such as China, India, Denmark, Brazil, Poland, etc., at the end of each speech, which added to the attractiveness and excitement of the conference. Renowned scientists such as Dr. Banker, Dr. Wanke, Dr. Joe, Dr. Neralić, Dr. Verdegay, Dr. Jablonsky, Dr. Kerstens, Dr. Forsund, Dr. Asmild, Dr. Kuosmanen, etc. attended this two-day conference and presented their latest findings.

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